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eTime Widget time interval problem

Question asked by rzufelt on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by rzufelt
Below is the MapService time info for my "layer":

Time Info:  Start Time Field: Year_of_Trans End Time Field: N/A Track ID Field: N/A Time Extent: [2010/01/01 08:00:00 UTC, 2015/01/01 08:00:00 UTC] Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time    Respects Daylight Saving: False Time Interval: 1 (esriTimeUnitsYears) Export Options:   Use Time: True Time Data Cumulative: False Time Offset: 0

My Year_of_Trans field only has 4 digit years from 2010 to 2015.  In ArcMap, the time slider, set to 1 years interval will step through 1 year at a click/slide.

However, in the FlexApp, for the first three years, there are two clicks/slides per interval and in the last two years, there are only one.  (I.e., starts by displaying the 2010 data, to get to display 2011 data, need to click on the next arrow TWICE.  Same for 2011-2013.  Then, there is only 1 click for 2014 and 2015).  Also, the only values in my time field is the 4 digit year, yet somehow, when you "slide" the slider, it is putting in months, day, year and even time???  Not sure how/where it is interpolating that information from, but is probably related to my issue.

Does the eTime slider only work with time fields of a particular type or is it supposed to work with same types as ArcMap slider?  I started with a date field type, but could never get just a 4 year only to go, so have tried with both numeric and text fields, but have the same issues with all.

Any ideas?