Geodatabase: Feature Dataset: Autocomplete

Discussion created by Playa on Apr 7, 2012
I have a delema in either my geodatabase design or otherwise can't understand why it's not possible to autocomplete between two separate feature classes. I'm currently building a landuse geodatabase where we are digitising "Crop Field" boundaries and "Farm Dam" boundaries. If I store the Feature Classes separately you can't use autocomplete within an Edit Session between the two feature classes. I need to maintain different attributes for each feature class such as "Crop Type" for the "Crop Fields", which of course makes no sense in relation to "Farm Dams" which would mean I would have numerous "<Null>" values within my attribute table. I currently have to have the two feature types stored within a single feature class in order to use autocomplete as they share boundaries or a "Farm Dam: is surrounded by a "Crop Field". Have I missed something or is this a bug within ArcGIS?