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    Address Range Maintenance

      Hi all,

      I am currently working on the Address Range for the street centerlines for the city where I work and I need to verify that all of the features are up to date. The problem is the city has 15k+ features under the centerline feature class, and each of them has 4 fields that need to be checked (Left From, Left To, Right From, Right To). I have been looking for a Model or a Script that does that automatically but I have not been able to find anything. Not just for this occasion but I think for the future, since these address are always changing, and a lot of times organizations don't have the time and manpower to keep updating it, a model would come in handy to update these fields. Since geocoding is used a lot by many agencies, it is important to have the most up to date information. If anyone knows of a model/script or has any ideas you would like to share, I'd really appreciate it. I do not know any python but I took some of the tutorials available and did some research and I am trying to work on this on my own so any help would be great! If anyone is interested in this also please contact me. My idea so far is having a buffer around the centerline that selects the parcels adjacent to the centerline, then extracting the parcel numbers creating a list, and I have a code to separate odds and even numbers for the left and right sides, and a code to select the smallest(from) and the highest(to) number. Let me know if anyone has any ideas about this.


      Thank you.

      Paulo C. Fernandes Jr.
      MIS GIS Analyst
      City of Sunrise, Florida
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          I'm not aware of any tool, but I thought I'd toss my $00.02 your way.

          Something to consider is that using streets as the basis of geocoding is typically less precise than using address points derived from you parcels. And sometimes less precise is good, as long as they are accurate. By accurate, I mean you get on the block; by precise I mean you hit the door step everytime for your geocoded point.  Some places use the actual house numbers on the street to establish the range which what it sounds like you are doing.

          My use of street centerline data for geocoding for 9-1-1 calls, and  I'm not a fan of using house numbers for street ranges.  Lot's of things happen at intersections in the 9-1-1 world which is why I prefer accuracy over precision when it comes to streets.  Emphasis on streets; anytime you use a linear feature to geocode against, you are interpolating the location of the address.  My example is always if the range on a street is 100-200, the street based locator is going to drop the point right in the middle of the block, on the even side of the street.  Could be that house number 150 is really on the odd side of the street and at one end.  If I need that specific precision, I'll use point data.

          As a suggestion, you may want to investigate the grid your city is based upon.  Most named streets have a corresponding numeric value based on the grid.  Use the grid/numeric values to range your street segments.  Those aren't going to change.  Structures may come and go, but addressing grids are static for the most part.

          Hope this helps.