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    No pop-ups on map services with joined tables

      I have a webmap with four different map services:  http://bit.ly/IgRXo6

      I can't get popups to work on the "Natural Area" service.  Explorering futher, it seems like the map services that have joined tables I can't get the popups to work and the ones that don't are fine.

      On the linked map, the two services, Natural Areas and Trails, are the ones with joined tables.  The features are joined to an Oracle based DB.  What's interesting is that for the Trails, the trail labels come from the Oracle DB so it's reading the DB just fine.  If I change the name of the trail through the DB, the change shows up pretty much instantly online....but the pop-ups are not working (For Trails, the sublayer Trailheads works because it's not joined, the other ones don't).

      Does anybody know why this may be...is this by design or a bug?

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          The ArcGIS.com map viewer sends a query to the service to retrieve the attributes of the clicked feature. In your case, I'm seeing this error:

          "Unable to perform query. Please check your parameters."

          In searching the forums, this appears to be a bug with ArcGIS Server 9.3.1.  The last post in this thread seems to suggest a work around. Another option is to upgrade your server to the latest version.


          Querying a Joined Table
          Ran across this thread with the same issue I was having with the Javascript API - appears to be an issue with using MSD files and using joins from a data tables that is in a different locations than the feature class. My .mxd works, but when I tried to use an .msd file I started getting this error. Switched back to using an .mxd. I'm on 9.3.1 still, so this may be resolved with 10. Anyone know?

          The error is described here:


          However, if you can reconfigure your service to make popup work, popups don't currently support displaying attributes from related tables.

          Hope this helps,