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    zoom back and zoom foreward

      i have a quastion.
      How i can create the commands for zoom back and foreward?
      some suggestions?
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          Yes, it is possible to create these commands. Here are the steps you should follow...

          1. Create a retain property of NSMutableArray.
          2. Listen to the "MapDidEndZooming" notification.
          3. Add self.mapView.visibleArea.envelope to the array created in step 1.
          4. From "Go Back" and "Go Forward" get the respective extent and zoom.

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            There are also methods of the mapView that you can use, for example, i have a project that has buttons for zoom in and zoom out and i set the actions on those as follows:

            -(void)didTapZoomInButton:(id)sender {
                [self.mapView zoomIn:YES];
            -(void)didTapZoomOutButton:(id)sender {
                [self.mapView zoomOut:YES];