Would it make sense for Esri to port ArcGIS Desktop / ArcGIS for Desktop  to Linux?

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Discovered an interesting Idea on http://ideas.arcgis.com this morning--a place, incidentally, where all Esri users should be actively submitting and vetting feature requests. It's a dedicated channel for that sort of thing; a resource Esri evidently consults during all phases of the development process. Voting is great. Commenting and posting use cases is even better. It's like an online focus group. Anyone who wants to see Esri products improve should participate. If you don't like a particular direction a given Esri product is going in, consider yourself blameworthy if you aren't adding your voice.

I'm surprised by how many of my GIS associates, smart people I trust, don't even know the site exists. So I try to promote its existence whenever and wherever I have the opportunity. It's a terrific gesture from Esri or any company to launch such a thing. The Starbucks Splash Stick, the one preventing my coffee from spilling as I exit the drive thru on a downward sloping road, was submitted by a user on a Salesforce.com ideas-powered site, My Starbucks Idea. Cool beans... Seek out these feedback channels offered by any vendor you love.

A vendor who actively solicits and embraces feedback, even if it's critical, is a healthy vendor. A vendor who dislikes constructive criticism is a vendor that needs organizational mending from the top down. One of the real Game Changers in both software and the workplace is user/employee empowerment through a flattening of communication. Millenials in particular don't care much for Command-and-Control structures. And they're demanding telework options, etc. Companies that don't change with the times will find it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain millenial talent.

The idea is to port ArcGIS Desktop / ArcGIS for Desktop to Linux.

ESRI ArcGIS desktop for Ubuntu linux

Since the Ideas web site isn't currently as Social as it needs to be I thought it would be worthwhile to continue that discussion here. For what it's worth, SalesForce is blameworthy for the Ideas site's insufficient sociability. They, not Esri, develop the core software (Software As A Service [SaaS] like ArcGIS Online). Fantastic software but looking forward to future iterations.

If you're interested, read the comments at the above Idea URL--promote or demote the idea as you see fit--then discuss here. My chief issue with Ideas is that you can't subscribe to an Idea and receive email notifications on any change activity, e.g. a new comment is posted, an Idea's status changes, etc. Unlike the vBulletin software Esri's forums run on. If you'd like to see Ideas provide something other than RSS notifications, you'll have to Use the Force; erm, I mean contact the source :-)

Add ability to subscribe to an idea, receiving email notification on any change

The Ideas site is fabulous. But having productive, continuing conversations on it about influencing Esri's Product Roadmap is inefficient in its current incarnation. I suspect the user experience will improve significantly over the next 12 months.