Multiple Geodatabase in Oracle

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I have installed and configured ArcSDE 10 on Oracle 11G, I followed all the instrauctions given in the course exercise (AECTO- ESRI official Course for ArcGIS Server). it includes the following changes in Oracle and in dbtune file,

  • Oracle Memory Configuration

  • Data_Dctionary Key words modfication

  • Vector and Raster Storage parameters

Now I want to try multiple geodatabase, but I have questions I will raise them according to Scenario;

1. Single Oracle Instance with multiple database

in this situation, my questions are

1.1 > when we create another user who will own the other schema, we need a default Tablespace for that user, do we need a separate Tablespace of we can use the sde tablespace? what is the best practice.?

1.2 > the guide Guid reads that we need to modify "Data_Dictionary" parameters, whereaswe have already tuned the parameters for SDE user, now how can we modify the same parameters for the other user ? do we need to add these parameter twice, if so is there any example ?

1.3> the dbtune file that has been modified for vector and raster storage, now when we load data to the other schema, will the ArcSDE follow the same dbtune file ?

scenario 2.
2. multiple oracle database
This scenarion looks simple, as each database will work independently , only thig is that you will have to repeat several tasks such creating same users in each database.
the only question is about memory
2.1 > as ESRI has some recomendation for memory allocation to Oracle SGA and PGA, as when we create an Oracle database it also asks for memory allocation, in this case how can we allocate enough memory to each database, if we create let say three databases? there is no detail available in any document.

Thanks in Advance