Getting the descriptions of domain attributes from a feature class

Discussion created by dude1237 on Apr 15, 2012
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I have a feature class (in a personal geodatabase) with few domain attributes and I want to change them to text attributes that will be holding the domain description.

It seemed like the easiest out of the box way to do this is to use feature class to feature class conversion to shape file and back
to the mdb, which would give me the the attributes with description according to this help:
When converting geodatabase data that has attribute domains to a shapefile, dBase table, or coverage, both the domain codes and domain descriptions will be included in the output. The domain descriptions will be in a new field named after the domain field, with _DESC appended to the end of the field name.

According to this link, this feature is available since version 10 SP 2, I have this version installed but for some reason after choosing an export shp file I don't see out fields with _DESC nor I see them after exporting in properties -> fields or in ArcMap's attribute table.
Am I doing something wrong?

A solution like this would still work for me but would take some more time because in this case I have 4 domain attributes and there could be more in the future.

Would the best solution be to use scripts like from the last post here?