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    Thoughts on where I might find employment data?

      I'm not entirely sure this is even a question for this forum, and I'm sorry if it does not even bare vague resemblence to being so. If you think it would better be asked some place else, please let me know.

      Where can I find information on private and public sectore employment by state? Would I have to go to the websites of each state? If I can find it on the department of labor statistics website, where on the site would I go? It does not seem to be set up in a way that would make such information easy to find.
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          With the 2010 Census rolling out, there might be ways to access the state tables from census.gov.

          Here is a link to the economic information being provided right now: http://www.census.gov/econ/index.html

          It may not be detailed enough for you but it might give you a starting point.  The Census website has a mapviewer that you can use to explore the data or you can download the tables and join them to Census block/blockgroup/tract geometry.

          In addition, ESRI does provide an extension to ArcGIS called Business Analyst that includes other economic and business data, you may wish to take a look at it: http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/extensions/businessanalyst/index.html

          Business Analyst isn't free but I guess they do provide a demo if you want to try it out.  Beyond that, you would probably have to either speak to the individual states or go through a commercial business to get the data.

          Hope this helps!