ArcGIS Server and Image Extension - Installation, Architecture, Limitations, etc.

Discussion created by kaspatoo on Apr 18, 2012
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I have some questions about the ArcGIS Server and its installation. Please correct me if I am wrong in some things.

I want to install  a new ArcGIS Server with Image Extension. Since 10 this is "fully integrated" in Server. I think fully integrated means it is available after inserting the license key for this extension during the registration like extensions were registered in ArcDesktop. Is this right? Or is the Image extension for Server still a seperate (software) installation like the SDE (which also is called as fully integrated)?

I only can find an installation guide for Image Server and ArcGIS Server 9.3 but not for 10. And because it is now "fully integrated" I would expect that the installation differs from this guide.

I also was not able to figure out which possibilities I have on installing components on separate machines.

It is planned to install the ArcGIS Server + SDE on machine A while the data(base) is stored on machine B.
Data means big geodata (at least some hundrets of GB) and big rasterdata (at least the same amount).

As far as I know installing the SDE not on the same machine as the database affects that users can only connect via the SDE Service via DB-authentication (so no windowsauthentication), but this has no further impacts.

The Image Extension consists of (as I read in the install guide of 9.3)

  • a Service Editor (any administrator with ArcDesktop creating and editing service definitions)

  • a Image Server Manager (for automatic administration)

  • a Server (I guess the ArcGIS Server itself is not meant)

  • a Server Provider (for image processing and delivery to end users)

  • clients (users)

Are all these components automatically installed on the same machine as ArcGIS Server (because of fully integration)?
Which parts can be installed on different machines?
Which architecture is recommended?

The last question I did not find information about is concerning the limitations of the ArcSDE and the Image Extension as well.
Are there limitations of file/data sizes, concurrent accesses, etc.? Are there limitation differences between the use of the SDE for rasterdata and the image extension?
It is called that the Image Extension is RAM friendly but needs much CPU. What about the hard disc? Is the CPU the smalles unit? Are there experiences when to increase other components than the CPU to ensure fast responses at all times?

Any discussion, answering of one of my questions, further information links (where answers can be found) etc. would be very grateful.
Thanks a lot.