Import excel file into ArcView Grid table

Discussion created by jomc on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by jbarry-esristaff
First of all, I have a very basic understanding and working knowledge of ArcView3.3

I have a map of my study site in ArcView3.3 that was created by another student. We use it to record observational locations of individual lizards. Overlaid on this map we have had a 5x5 grid created. I collected a lot of microhabitat information, that is all in an excel table, that we want to import into each of those grid squares (~300 grid squares over the site). I know in arcview I can open the .dbf file/table that is associated with the grid overlay, and I can add fields to the table and then manually type in the associated information. However, I have over 50 fields, and 300 grid squares....this seems like a very time consuming process! Is there a way to import the data file from excel straight into the grid table?

Any help would be much appreciated.