Exception  HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE) when instantiating MoleCoreHelperClass

Discussion created by rmmalpica on Apr 19, 2012

I'm getting this error when trying to instantiate a MoleCoreHelperClass object.

This is the piece of code where this error occurs:

IMoleCoreHelper pMoleCoreHelper = new MoleCoreHelperClass();

This code is a fragment of a C# web application (aspx) that generates a
MOLE symbol from a symbolId.

The strange thing is that the same web app is working in a server machine
and throws this exception in another one.

I have been comparing the configuration of both machines and I find no
differences, the same version of arcgis, the same service packs, the
same military extensions, the same SO, the same IIS and .NET framework...

I need help!

Thank you so much.