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    Convert output of an ASP.NET SOAP Web Service to a Layer or Graphics

      Hi everyone.

      I am building my first SL app for ArcGIS Server (version 10).  Without going into too much detail, the SL app will sit in a Web App that is using alot of ajax and java to query from a SQL Server database.  So I would like to have the SL app, running a esri:Map object, create a layer of points based on the query result set of the Web App.

      The web app is using the MS Ajax's AutoCompleteExtender which relies on a internal Web Service (ASMX File) to return the location id, X, and Y coordinates.  Since it is an ASMX file it will be SOAP and I was hoping to use this same service to map the data in SL.

      I exposed the Web Service to the SL App under Service References and can now create a call to retrieve the data which is returned as an array of strings.

      My question is, how can I map that array to the SL App?  I essentially need to create a Event XY layer but have not really been able to find any information on how to do that.  Is that even possible with SL or am I better off creating a bunch of graphics?