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    ArcMap 9.3.x and Image Extension 10

      In my company I have published many Image Service with ArcGis Server 10 (SP4) Image Extension (Mosaic Dataset).
      After many problem I noticed that, while ArcMap 10 behaves regularly, ArcMap 9.3.x can not read the "default display option".
      Every service is set to return Jpeg or Lzw image, and Bilinear, while ArcMap 9.3.x configure them as Nearest with "None" compression.
      This produce heavy, heavy traffic and an abnormal behaviour of Image Server (raster do not always appear in ArcMap).

      I've solved produce many lyr file which diffuse to users via "Windows share".

      But I do not know if it's a bug or something if I'm wrong?
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          You didn't do things wrong. This is apprently a bug in the 9.3.x software where the default properties of the image service published in 10 can not be read by 9.3.x clients. However, these compressions are available for you to choose when accessing the image service. So the workaround is to set the compression and resampling method from the 9.3.x client. For example, from ArcMap, open the image service layer propertie page->display tab, you can set JPEG compression and Bilinear resampling method, the image request to the server will be using the properties you set.

          Hong Xu
          Raster team, Esri.
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            Great. Obviously I quickly alerted my users and advised them how to proceed to define the "display options" (I made an "organizative patch"), but "verba volant, scripta manent" (the translation of which is approximately "the words fly, the script remains"). What about a real patch?
            In my organization ArcGis 9.3.1 Sp2 + quality improvement patch is the standard and is impossible to me think about an upgrade to 10 (we talk of more than 100 installations).