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    Disable Editfrom

      To fasten up datacapture our users would like to be able to just press a button and capture the point with som automaticly populated attributes.

      To be able to doo this I have created a tool that reigister a point by pressing one "physical" button at the Trimble RS6000. 

      The tool sets a user variable that signals to the editform to close once it is opened without any user interaction.  This would be OK if the CPU in the RS6000 had been a bit fresher.  It uses a looong time to open and close.

      So my question is basicly - are there a way to prevent the editform to open at all but hust adding the new values to the feature and storing it.

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          Through the layer properties, you can disable the Edit Form by unchecking it in the Table of Contents.
          Or through code you could do something like this:
          For each l in Application.Map.Layers
               if l.Name = "TC_PlotPts" then
                    l.Properties("ShowEditForm") = False
               end if

          In this example I am looking for a layer named "TC_PlotPts" in my map. If it is in my map, I turn the edit form off by setting that layers ShowEditForm property to false.

          As far as adding values to the features, you could set default values in your form or geodatabase. Or you could write some sql statements to update the attributes of the newly collected point.