Copy feature class from one File Geodatabase to another File Geodatabase not working

Discussion created by sean-eagles on Apr 24, 2012
I am currently trying to copy a feature class from one File Geodatabase to another, but am constantly cunning into an error.

The first File Geodatabase has five feature classes, each with specific subtypes and domains attributed to it.

The second File Geodatabase has an empty feature dataset which will take the new copied feature classes in it.

There is a shared spatial reference system between both geodatabases.  The only difference between them is that the tolerance in the original is set to five metres and the new feature class tolerance is set to one milimetre.

I have tried copying through the ArcCatalog GUI, the copy features toolbox, and exporting the features from one geodatabase from the other.  I've done this between other geodatabases with matching tolerances before and there was no problem at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this?