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    Modelbuilder - Multi value to single value

      I am running a model that has multiple layers  (3) going into a clip tool.  My output (as expected) is three layers.  This is the final process for 2 of the layers but I want to continue with some processing on the third layer.  How am I able to continue the geoprocessing on this third layer.  Every time I connect it to a new tool I get all 3 layers and I can't delete them out of the dialogue.

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          Try this:

          Create those 3 layers. Then in your model add the Select Data tool from ModelBuilder>Insert>Model Only tools>Select Data.
          For the input Data Element select the workspace it is creating the 3 layers and then for child data element choose the layer you want to iterate over. The three layers must exist for the first time to set up this tool correctly.