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How do I upload business analyst reports?

Question asked by seanstock on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by cwilcox-esristaff
Hello all! I have been trying to upload custom business analyst reports, and am having trouble. The only instructions I have found are either out of date or don't work properly. I am getting stuck when I am told to right click on Default Project in ArcCatalog and click upload project. That option is greyed out, and I can't find any info on why that would be except some permissions issues I don't think are a problem (but could be).

I have successfully done this in the past, and I can see a few custom reports on the server when I use the getReportTemplates task. They work fine, I just don't recall how I did it. I feel like this is not the way I originally accomplished this task, and I did not have to tangle with permissions/IIS, etc, as I recall.

Is there a second method? I swear I figured this out and uploaded multiple reports in an hour last time I tried, but now it's a puzzle.