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    editing streetmap - sdc files?

      I believe I know the answer to the my question but thought I would post anyway.  Is there any way to modify/edit the streetmap sdc files?  I have several areas in my metropolitan area (Jacksonville Fl) that need streets modified (removed / some added) that I have data for but not sure if I can do this.

      I am currently using Arcmap 10 sp 4 (not sure which version of streetmap, but it came with my Arcmap 10 discs)
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          Hi Jeffrey,

          The StreetMap SDC files are read-only and cannot be edited.  Use feature classes in a geodatabase to create and edit your streets.


          So Export the Streetfiles from Streetmap and export the feature classes from streetmap into my new geodatabase?
          Thanks I have exported the streets files for other purposes(labeling) but not tried recreating or exporting/importing the feature classes within Arcgis.