how can I get copy/paste groups in arcmap to stop forgettin file paths?

Discussion created by hujev on Apr 27, 2012
This has been going on, like most esri bugs, for many years and many 'versions'. Copying a layer, or group of layers (shapefiles, rasters, whatever) in arc map and pasting it and - whola, even if it's in the exact same .mxd project, the file paths are lost and must be fixed.

Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes it does; sometimes to all, sometimes less than all.

I've had this experience on many computers over the last decade - Government, NGO, and private, win xp and 7, from versions 9.2 -10, all updates, etc. At the moment I'm using a 1 month old GIS workstation with 48gb ram, many processors at high speed, and w7 and agis version 10 (though I use 9.3 as much as I can on another machine for obvious reasons) and still get the same result - sometimes! - with a single layer or groups. So it seems to be not related to the machine, version, or my other software.

It just happened again - to some, not all of the paths in a copy/paste from one open project to another - and now I have to go back and fix (again!) many links that arcmap, you'd think, would be able to keep track of as they were working when I copied it!

I always use relative paths, but have tried in vain to prevent this, with no luck, in the past using absolute paths.

This is one (of oh so many) bug that I really hate to see continue year after year!