Trouble Checking gps correct Data back into ArcMap

Discussion created by bearyk11 on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by evanh47
I can not check in two feature classed I collected the other day in the field. 1 was a point feature and the other was a line feature. I am using Arc Map 10 in the office with GPS analyst, and am using a Geo XT 3000, with Arc pad and GPS correct.

This was my work flow:

1. Created personal database and GPS enabled it
2. Created the feature classes and GPS enabled them
3. Added everything to a new arcmap file and used the GPS get Data for Arcpad tool to import everything into arcpad.
4. Collected my Data
5. Tried to use the Analyst Check in tool many times and I keep receiveing the following error message:

Executing: CheckinAXFFileAndGPScorrectSSF "C:\Documents and Settings\****\My Documents\Geo5150485477 My Documents\PartII2.26\WHBase2012_mdb.axf" # Wavel_Roads;roadpoints
Start Time: Fri Apr 27 15:19:03 2012
Importing GNSS positions from SSF file: C:\Documents and Settings\*****\My Documents\Geo5150485477 My Documents\PartII2.26\GPScorrect.ssf
Imported 0 GNSS positions.
An error occurred while importing the file: 8116006a
Failed to check in from AXF file
Failed to execute (CheckinAXFFileAndGPScorrectSSF).
Failed at Fri Apr 27 15:19:11 2012

Is there anything obvious that I could be doing wrong?