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Web ADF installation for web development

Question asked by meenu.monu on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by shaningesri
Dears,I started ESRI development work few wks back.My knowledge is very less in this development side.I am good in writing the code in in VS2010 .I developed a website with mapping module for tracking the vehicles using another mapping software. Now we planned to move with ESRI. Now my requirement is i need to develop the website mapping  module with ESRI software.

For that  I installed ArcGIS Desktop 10 evaluation Version.and tried to using ArcGIS API for Silverlight with silveright 4 .If i wanted to use this API then  i need more time because silverlight applications is not familiar for me.

Now i saw Web ADF is good for developing applications in vs2010  with that from where i can download webADF for vs2010.

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.0 contains lot of applications.Whether all these are web based or desktop based application?

whether web ADF or silverligfht API is good for developing the website?What is the difference between these two?

i cannot able to run any samples available in C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.0.I think it is because of web ADF problem.How can i solve this

Can anybdy help me to clear my doubts.I am still stuck without moving my webproject and with the timeframe from my superiors.