Why the difference: 10 vs. 9:  100% sensitivity, 100% min match, diff results

Discussion created by harrybowman on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by bniemand-esristaff
10: US Dual Ranges with ZIP and Alt Name, 100% spelling senstitivity, 100% minimum match score
97006 match
380 tie
22073 unmatch

9: US Streets with Zone and Altname, used ZIP as zone, 100% spelling sensitivity, 100% minimum match score
96211 match
3950 tie
19298 unmatch

With the same fields mapped and 100% senstivity and 100% minimum match, I'd expect the same results. In what way is the ver. 10 locator more "picky" under those circumstances? I haven't gone diggiing yet and really don't want to. My employer refuses to move to 10 without understanding the difference, however.