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    WiMax network design using GIS

      Hello, I am working in the field of communication,Remote sensing and GIS.We are trying to design a communication network(WiMax). Is there any feature in ArcGis to support network design or any other softwares,links or any other ideas.Please feel free to mail(bibekjang@gmail.com) or discuss over here. Thank you.
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          Check out Cellular Expert from HNIT Baltic here. Cellular Expert supports a wide range of wireless technologies including GSM, TETRA, UMTS/HSDPA, LTE, WiMAX and other systems in frequency range from 150MHz up to 40GHz. And its all built on ArcGIS with all the benefits of having a full GIS system under the hood.

          To arrange a demonstration you can contact Vytautas Ramonaitis @ vramonaitis@hnit-baltic.lt

          Hope this helps.

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            ArcGIS Network Analyst provides network-based spatial analysis, such as routing, fleet routing, travel directions, closest facility, service area, and location-allocation. Using ArcGIS Network Analyst, you can dynamically model realistic network conditions, including one-way streets, turn and height restrictions, speed limits, and variable travel speeds based on traffic. You can easily build networks from your GIS data by using a sophisticated network data model.

            With ArcGIS Network Analyst, you can

                Find shortest routes.
                Produce the most efficient routes for a fleet of vehicles that must visit many locations.
                Use time windows to limit when vehicles can arrive at locations.
                Locate closest facilities.
                Determine optimal locations for facilities by performing a location-allocation analysis.
                Define service areas based on travel time or distance.
                Create a network using your existing GIS data.
                Generate a matrix of network travel costs from each origin to all destinations.

            [URL=http://www.learnmax.co.in/wimax-training.html]Wimax Training[/URL]