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    Create contour line without DEM

      Hi everybody,

      I just started with ArcGIS10 and i have some problem to create contour lines. The purpose of creating contour lines is to create a DEM. The data I have are the hillshade, spot heights, stream. Thank you for your help.

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          With the spot heights, you could use that information and apply that information to the point files in order to create mass points that could be used for the interpolation and then use the stream if it is 3d as a breakline, but it seems like you are working this backwards.  You have all of the DEM products but not the DEM.  The contours, spot elevations, and hillshade are all derived from the DEM.  If you had the contours you could use the Topo To Raster tool and then derive a DEM from that.  You may take a look at the USGS Seamless site to download a DEM for your area.