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    Hyperlinks and Field Calculator

      I am using the field calculator to automatically populate a column of hyperlinks to pdf documents.  I have a folder with pdfs that are named the same as an existing field in my shape file.  Over 90% of my hyperlinks work but some do not for one of two reasons.....  There is not a pdf for that attribute or the pdf naming convention does not match the field name.  Is there a way to determine which hyperlinks are not working? I currently am clicking on each polygon using info to verify that the link is live.  If the link is dead I delete the link if I do not have a pdf or modify the link to point at the correct PDF.  Is there another way to automatically tell me which links are dead or possible an entirely different way to do this?

      I am using Arc info 9.3
      My field Calculator statement is (This work fine): "N:\Reports\" & [Asbestos] & "AESC.pdf"

      Thank you.
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          It looks like the target files are somewhere on your network (to wit: a letter mapped drive and not http)
          Runs a search cursor through the table, and pick up each path string in turn.
          pass that path string to
          and if the result is False, write the path (or the OID, or both) to a list.

          if not os.path.exists(pathString):
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            Thanks Mark

            what am I missing here to write the results to an text?

            import os
            import arcgisscripting
            # Create the geoprocessor object
            gp = arcgisscripting.create(9.3)
            #Create search cursor 
            shp = "C:\Dan\search_cursor.shp"
            rows = gp.SearchCursor(shp)
            row = rows.Next()
            fields = gp.ListFields(shp)
            if not os.path.exists(shp):
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              Well, append is a method of adding to a python list, not a file.
              You know the shp exists, you want to test the path in the record (which you never access)

              Try this. It has no errorchecking, and you should replace "<<WHATEVER THE PATH FIELDNAME IS>>" with the field name of your field with the paths.

              import os import arcgisscripting  # Create the geoprocessor object gp = arcgisscripting.create(9.3)  shp = r"C:\Dan\search_cursor.shp" brokeList = []  # <- you need a list  #Create search cursor rows = gp.SearchCursor(shp) row = rows.Next() while row:     #  grab the item values you are interested in     pathString = row.<<WHATEVER THE PATH FIELDNAME IS>>     theFID = row.FID     # see if the link path is valid     if not os.path.exists(pathString):         #  append the FID of bad links to the list         brokeList.append(theFID)     row = rows.Next()  if len(brokeList) > 0: print "Broken links found!"  # write the list to a file txt = open(r"C:\Dan\demo.txt", 'w') for broke in brokeList:     txt.write(str(broke) + "\n") txt.close() print 'DONE'
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                Mark, thanks for your answer this was very helpfull.