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Help Setting Up a Date Search

Question asked by hgrybas on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by hgrybas
Hi Everyone,

I'm kind of a flex viewer novice so I was hoping you would be able to help me out. I'm using the simple out-of-the-box Flexviewer application for a project where I work and I need to set up a date search. I have three data sets that are edited by outside users and each one has a date field that must be filled in when an edit is made. I would like it if someone could type a date into the search widget and receive a list, popup, etc. of the edits made on that date. My only problem is that I'm not familiar with how to set up a query expression in the XML file for the search widget. I would really appreciate the help if anyone knows how to do this.

As a side note: My data is stored in an ArcSDE database which stores date AND time together. I only want the user to have to type in a date and not the time (the time part is where I keep running into trouble but there is no way to eliminate it right now).

Thanks for the help!