Changing the display order of fields in the Parcel Details Dialogue?

Discussion created by Jmccullbg on May 2, 2012
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Hi all,

I just created a new field in the 'Parcels' class of my fabric, with the name 'Legal Acreage'. When I added it to the fabric, it appeared at the bottom of the list of fields in the fabric properties in ArcCatalog, and also appears in the same order in the Parcel Details Dialogue when creating/editing a parcel. Ideally, I would like for this field to appear above the 'Stated Area' field; for 1: because I don't want the field to be left NULL by mistake during the creation of a new parcel, and 2: because this will enable me to directly compare the 'Stated Area' field (a system calculated value) to the 'Legal Acreage' field, which represents ground-truth survey measurements. (Our Annotation layer will be based on actual survey measurements, and we may one day feature-link the anno class.)

Note: Changing the order of the fields (under the 'Fields' tab in the 'properties' of the 'Tax Parcels' class, does not change the order the fields appear in the Parcel Details Dialogue.

Thanks in advance,

Justin McCulloch
GIS Technician
Wood County, OH Auditor's  Office