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    Particle Track Tool

      I would like to develop a model that displays a poly line of the flow track of storm water giving an input point location.
      It seems as the particle track tool does just that however, I need further explanation about the two input rasters needed for this tool.
      Direction, Magnitude

      I see the tool referenced using the Darcy Flow Tool to create such rasters but they are more intended for modeling ground water flow.

      Is there away to do something like this for surface water flow?


        • Re: Particle Track Tool
          There is a "steepest path" tool in the 3d analyst toolbar. But this just generates graphics which can then be used to interpolate a section profile.
          Alternately, the input point (as a single pixel raster) could be used as the wt input for a flowacculmulation, which then gives you all the pixels downstream.
          Hope this helps.