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My Government Service Address Issue

Question asked by marauder57 on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by marauder57
My town recently upgraded servers and operating systems from Mircrosoft Windows Server 2003 to Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2.  We had the My Governments Services app running on the old server and it ran fine, when we installed it to the new server it would run the address search on the first open of the web page but any refresh or reopening after that it would hang while searching for an address.  If you restart the default website from IIS on the server it will let you search the first time the webpage is open but on subsequent openings it hangs with the loading dialogue up.  If you try to type a new address into the container it quickly flashes loading before giving the error dialogue that says "Cannot read property 'visible' of undefined".  This is really making me tear my hair out trying to figure out why it gets stuck on the second page load when trying to search an address, this problem does not occur on any of the other apps that we have installed.  Any insight or help would be much appreciated.