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    Get segment of polyline between 2 points

      Hi. I have 2 points that were obtained from intersecting street 2 with street 1 and then street 3 with street 1.  Now I want to get the segment of street 1 that falls between those 2 points.  Is there an easy way to do this in the silverlight API?  I'm looking for some good ideas on which direction to go; whether there are geometry service utilities in the API to handle this or if there are toolbox tools I should be utilizing within a custom geoprocessing service. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.  The old code for this process was written in 9.1 ADF/ArcObjects using IPath.QueryPointAndDistance() and IPath.GetSubCurve() and somehow I need to accomplish the same thing in the Silverlight API.  I included the old code below simply to show the complexity that was being handled in the old code written several years ago.

      Thanks, Gary

      The old code looks like this:

                  ...Pts is an array that typically will hold 2 points found by interesting street 2 with street 1 and street 3 with street 1.
                  ...pTopo is the street 1 geometry
                  ...pT is the final polyline segment returned

                  Dim pLine As IGeometryCollection = CType(glb.SC.CreateObject("esriGeometry.Polyline"), IGeometryCollection)
                  'Now we have all the points. Find the points of the segment lines.
                  Dim PathNum(Pts.Count) As Integer
                  Dim Dist(Pts.Count) As Double
                  For I = 0 To Pts.Count - 1
                      PathNum(I) = -1

                  Dim pPoint As IPoint = CType(glb.SC.CreateObject("esriGeometry.Point"), IPoint)
                  Dim GeoCol As IGeometryCollection = CType(pTopo, IGeometryCollection)
                  Dim path As IPath
                  Dim DistAlongCurve As Double
                  Dim DistanceFromCurve As Double
                  Dim RightSide As Boolean

                  For I = 0 To GeoCol.GeometryCount - 1
                      path = CType(GeoCol.Geometry(I), IPath)

                      For J = 0 To Pts.Count - 1
                          If PathNum(J) = -1 Then
                              path.QueryPointAndDistance(esriSegmentExtension.esriNoExtension, CType(Pts(J), IPoint), False, pPoint, DistAlongCurve, DistanceFromCurve, RightSide)
                              If Math.Abs(DistanceFromCurve) < 10 Then
                                  PathNum(J) = I
                                  Dist(J) = DistAlongCurve
                              End If
                          End If

                      'Find start and end point on this segment
                      Dim StartPt As IPoint = Nothing
                      Dim EndPt As IPoint = Nothing
                      Dim MinDist As Double = 99999999
                      Dim MaxDist As Double = -1
                      For J = 0 To Pts.Count - 1
                          If PathNum(J) = I Then
                              If Dist(J) < MinDist Then
                                  StartPt = CType(Pts(J), IPoint)
                                  MinDist = Dist(J)
                              End If
                              If Dist(J) > MaxDist Then
                                  EndPt = CType(Pts(J), IPoint)
                                  MaxDist = Dist(J)
                              End If
                          End If

                      If MinDist < MaxDist Then
                          'A peice of segment found
                          Dim pL3 As ICurve = CType(glb.SC.CreateObject("esriGeometry.Polyline"), ICurve)

                          path.GetSubcurve(MinDist, MaxDist, False, pL3)
                      End If

                  'When we exit this method, we do not need the complete shape, so dispose it

                  'If pLine has something return it, otherwise return nothing
                  Dim pT As ITopologicalOperator = CType(pLine, ITopologicalOperator)
                  Dim pL4 As IPolyline = CType(pLine, IPolyline)
                  If pL4.IsEmpty Then
                      Return Nothing
                  End If
                  pL4.SpatialReference = glb.MapInfo.SpatialReference

                  Return pT