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    Multi-layer caching

      As per ESRI's deprecation plan for eliminating the multi layer caching functionality in ArcGIS Server 10.1 (bottom of pg 6 - http://downloads2.esri.com/support/TechArticles/ArcGIS10and101Deprecation_Plan.pdf), what is ESRI's suggestion/solution for users who have multiple layers within a cached service, who require, or would like the ability to turn individual layers off and on?

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          This is a great question.

          Personally what I would do is:
          1) Create a simple basemap with things that don't need to be turned on and off in JPEG cache format (no there is are no transparencies enabled).
          2) Then select the layers you would like to be turned on and off and create seperate caches for them using PNG format. This way any areas withiout data will be represented as transparent.

          Within the web application you could then specify which layers you would like to enable and disable for viewing (this can be done with any of the arcgis webapis)

          Hope this helps,