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    Calculate Field - VB - Conditional If,elseif statement... not working?!


      Wihtin model builder I have used the field calculator, to try and populate a new empty field (called Water_Classification) based on the contents of another field. However, my VB statement is not working and I am unable to figure out why? If anybody can help, it would be much appreciated :)

      I would like to put numeric values in a field called [Water_Classification] depending on what the string values are from another field called [CLASSIFICATION_1]

      This is what I currently have:

      If [CLASSIFICATION_1] = "High" then
         x =5
      ElseIf [CLASSIFICATION_1] = "Medium" then
         x =3
      ElseIf [CLASSIFICATION_1] = "Low" then
         x =1
      ElseIf [CLASSIFICATION_1] = "<null>" then
         x =0
         x = 9999

      At the end (in the box at the bottom), I have: Water_Classification = x

      If anybody has any advice or tips, pelase let me know,