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    Calculating Fields

      My program is working up until the CalculateField, because you can see all the responses to script working. What am I missing in the calulate field script? See Below :

      import arcpy
      >>> import os.path
      >>> os.path.basename ("C:\Users\Michelle\Desktop\GIS\FA_Urbans.shp")
      >>> arcpy.AddField_management ("FA_Urbans", "POPSQMI","TEXT", "20")
      <Result 'FA_Urbans'>
      >>> arcpy.CalculateField_management ("FA_Urbans","POPSQMI", "!SQMI!/!FID_1!","PYTHON"

      See the dots it didn't like the calculate field. Every thing is working until then. The field is added and eveything but no calculation. I'm thinking it didn't like text.