Beginner Tips for ArcMap / ArcPad Interaction

Discussion created by jlindenbaum on May 8, 2012
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I've become a little frustrated with this problem, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I'm using ArcMap 10, ArcPad 10, and am trying to do disconnected editing.

I am wondering what the "proper" workflow is for the following is:
- Create Map
- Deploy to mobile device
- Have people in field enter information to proper shapefile
- Check in changed information to map created above.

What I've completed (successfully?):
- I've created a map with a coordinate system
- Created the shape files (with fields) that I want, they use the same coordinate system
- Got data for ArcPad
- Deployed to device
- Edited a shapefile on the device
- Saved the map

What I can not get working, is the checkin back to the map I've created on ArcMap. I've tried doing editing for both Shapefiles and AFX layers. But ArcMap never lets me check those back in from the device. The examples I find all tell me to use "disconnected editing" which isn't available (apparently that happens when your coordinate systems aren't the same..?)

My secondary problem / advice that I'd like is:
- Auto incrementing IDs in ArcPad Forms - do I need to script those, or do they just work?
- Does one do daily syncs back to ArcMap and empty the shapefiles on the device?
- Any tips on how to make the above workflow work.

Thanks a tonne in advance.

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