Python GUI Arc10?

Discussion created by lgtateos on May 7, 2010
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Hi Folks,

Maybe this is a dumb question that will become obvious when I get my hands on the new software but...

I'm looking forward to improvements in Python capability in Arc10.  I think we'll be reaching a point where we can do all the geoprocessing and much of our basic mapping by learning one easy language, Python.  In the past, I've gotten away with knowing how to do all geoprocessing in Python and then using vba to build an interface, do some basic mapping, and calling Python to do the rest. 
Python geoprocessing --easy;
VBA --forms easy;
VBA mapping basics --slightly painful;
VBA calling Python very buggy. 

With arcpy we can now do
Python geoprocessing
Python basic mapping (hurray!)
now...how are we supposed to build forms for graphical user interfaces?
how are we supposed to trigger the Python with arcmap?  i.e., what's replacing the easy-peasy uicommand buttons?
Are we going to know have to learn VB.NET or C# and IDE's (such as the overly complex Visual Studio) for those?  Yes, those are powerful, but this means they are complicated.  This seems like learning to fly a plane when a bike's all that's needed.  This seems like a step backwards since most of the people that want to program arcmap will not have a programming background or want to spend a great deal of time learning a bunch of programming languages. 

Can anyone tell me how easy VBA forms and UIcontrolbuttons are going to be replaced, so that people can continue to customize ArcMap with ease?   If we at least have UI control buttons then we could use WxPython or something like that to build the forms.  (yes, I understand you can still install VBA, but since that won't come bundled any more, we won't be able to count on others having it--hindering code sharing, etc.)