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    10.1 Connecting to older SDE / Server

      I am trying to test out the pre release of 10.1 and it will not connect to SDE 9.3.1 nor will it connect to our Server 9.3.1 or 10

      SDE is running SP2.  The connection setup sees the various databases, but i keep getting: Failed to Connect to database. Failed to access DBMS server.

      On the server side I can connect to the 10 server as a user, but not as an admin or publisher despite being able to connect earlier with ArcGIS 10 and through server manager.  For some reason, when trying to connect with 10.1 I get:

      Add ArcGIS Server
      We were unable to connect to: http://fc1tag99/arcgis/services.

      Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote server (verify the server is running).