Dynamically add layer to map and populating sublayers on a list/check box.

Discussion created by bluerace on Jun 1, 2012
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Hi All,
This thread subLayers, Listbox and symbology does half of what I'm looking to accomplish.
The other half is I am looking not to have the layers hard coded in the XAML I�??m looking to (1) have users enter the URL like here #AddLayerDynamically   then  (2)the Sublayers (including any hierarchy) would be listed with checkboxs somwhat like here #SubLayerList.

This probably means most of the code will be done in codebehind c# then bound to respective elements in the XAML

I�??m very new to Silverlight. I�??ve been trying to do this for ages but no joy. Any help would be very much appreciated.