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    list of field calculator functions and correct syntax's

      does any one know of any reference guides to show all available field calculator functions and the correct sytax for each?

      emailed tech support and they showed me this: http://resources.arcgis.com/content/kbase?fa=articleShow&d=29627

      though can't seem to find what i'm looking for.

      one problem i was having was working out the maximum value from two colums

      ID |         DEPTH_1 |         DEPTH_2 |          MAX_DEPTH

      in the end i ended up converting my shp to tab and doing it in MapInfo updating the "MAX_DEPTH" field using "maximum(DEPTH_1,DEPTH_2)"

      i am positive that this function exists in Arc i just don't seem to be able to find it, i've tried a fair few combinations of "max" "maximum" "()" "[]" and can't seem to find a statement that works in arc any ideas?