ArcMAP - export to KML/KMZ or shapefile with all polygon styles

Discussion created by murko on Jul 21, 2012
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first - I`m new into ArcMAP and currently learning it. After I created my first map, I wanted it to export into KML/KMZ, or shapefile with the same look as in ArcMAP, but I dunno how to export styles assigned to the polygons in ArcMAP. ArcMAP exports only plain polygons with colors with ability to click on polygon which shows popup table in Google Earth, or pure polygons in shapefile. My labels, outline and fill styles are not showing. Is there any way to have KML/KMZ/shapefile of same look as in ArcMAP ?

Note: In ArcMAP I assigned labels and polygon fills based on data from assigned DBF files.

ArcMAP screenshot:

Google Earth screenshot: