How to search for features in a shapefile layer?

Discussion created by lorenamelang on May 18, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by mauicountywwr
New ArcGIS Explorer 1200 on new Win7 computer. Old shapefiles with parcel outlines and ownership data.

In ArcExplorer 2.0.800 I could click the binoculars and get a "Find Features" window where I could search for any value in my dbf file. Type a word, pick the "theme" to search, and click find, and it would list all matches. Pick one and it would highlight, pan, or zoom to it.

I can open the same shapefiles in 1200, and there is still a "binoculars" icon, but it searches some online database of the whole world instead of the features in my shapefile dbf. I've been able to get my shapefile data to popup and tooltip properly, but there are 84 MB of data to search through, so there is no hope of manually stumbling across the bit I want. I'm pretty sure I've looked in every corner of the new version, and I can't find a way to search my features.

What am I missing?