How to change Projected Coordinate System???

Discussion created by Tengiz on Aug 12, 2012
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Hi Everybody,

I have 15 Feauture Datasets in one Personal GDB. After collecting some data in ArcMap I recognize 7 Feauture Datasets coordinate system is in Pulkovo_1942_Gauss_Kruger_zone_8 but other 8 is in Pulkovo_1942_GK_Zone_9. How can I change all of my collecting data to Pulkovo_1942_Gauss_Kruger_zone_8.
The raster data set and photo which I use for same data for editing in Pulkovo_1942_Gauss_Kruger_zone_8.

My second question is why the arcmap dont give me on screen error before I started to editing for different coordinate system.

After all when I am change Coordinate system in ArcCatalog and open my vector data in ArcMap some of data going to left side and some of data go to right side.

Please help me... Thanks