Extent Indicators

Discussion created by Riverside on May 24, 2010
When setting the extent indicators, the overview is not zooming in close enough to ascertain the extent. There should be the capability to zoom in closer to the overview rather than looking at full extent, especially if the data is quite large and dense, and the view in the layout does not refresh, so if I zoom into part of the county, only the extents in say the western half are shown with the highlighed extent, but if a DDP is shown for the eastern part of our county, the overview map is not refreshing to show the eastern half of our large county. ArcGIS 10. Also, I see that Page Definition cannot be used with the layer that is used to define the DDP, only the layers that reside inside of the layer that was used to generate the DDP.

It takes a good 20-30 minutes to generate a DDP with about 23,000 pages, is this speed expected?