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    ArcMap 10.1 SP1 crashing frequently

      Hi --

      I installed ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 over a week ago.  Since then, ArcMap has been crashing frequently (every hour or two).  First it starts to slow down (response time to mouse clicks, redraw, selection, etc gets slower), then the screen refresh starts to fail (menus, context menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes do not display fully, and the map display doesn't finish refreshing), and then ArcMap crashes.

      I also installed ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 on a colleague's computer a week ago, and he is experiencing exactly the same problems.

      We are working on several different projects with different data sets, so I do not think the problem is data related.  We were previously using ArcGIS 10.0 SP5 with no problems.

      We both have 64-bit capable machines, but only have 32-bit OS installed (awaiting upgrade from our IT dept).

      I've got a case open with Esri tech support, but no solution yet.

      Has anyone else experienced similar problems?  Any idea how to fix them?

      I had hoped that waiting for SP1 before upgrading to 10.1 would help us to avoid this type of problem!

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          I came here to look up anyone also have frequent crashes with 10.1.  It's been running fine but the last two days have grueling.  I don't have the same problems as above leading up to the crash, mine will do when I am trying to save edits, or most often when I am switching from another program (like Chrome) to ArcMap.  It's done with different .mxd and .gdb as well.  I think it's crashed about 6 times today and I'm starting to get impatient about this.

          edit:  Make that 9 times today.
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            I had problems with ArcMap crashing at 10.1 sp1.  ESRI told me to start a new mxd.  So I did and the crashing stopped.  They told me I had done too many edits.
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              Thanks for the suggestion, Patrick.  Unfortunately, I don't think creating a new MXD will be a viable solution in our case.

              This problem seems to be happening on many of our MXDs.  And some of our MXDs are for map/figure production.  So starting over with a new MXD each time it starts crashing would be a lot of extra work.

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                I have been experiencing exactly the same problems as well. Screen refreshes get slower, clearing selection slower, saving edits slower then eventually a crash!

                In my case i am making edits to a shapefile and after only a handful of edits (maybe 10) it starts slowing down. It is impractical to make a few edits, save & stop editing, save the mxd and exit ArcMap and re-run ArcMap just to speed things up again & avoid a crash.

                ESRI, please come to the party now & find a solution to this issue as it is a serious problem!!!
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                  Thanks everyone for reporting the problems you're having.  Alan, in particular, seems to be having the same problem we're having.  I didn't think we could be the only ones.  I'll respond here if I ever get a solution.  I think it's worthwhile opening a ticket with Esri tech support, if only so that Esri knows there is something wrong.

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                    Same thing here, post if you find a solution. Stopping and starting editing does seem to help. Cannot reproduce or narrow it down to one thing.
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                      Hi all,
                      I've had similar issues with my users and I'm currently backing out of SP1.

                      There's another similar thread, but there doesn't seem to be any solution as yet...


                      Narrowing this issue down is troublesome. However I have noticed when you have an MXD open, if you click on the New icon, ArcMap tends to crash. I have also noticed that the screen refresh can take quite some time. Sometimes having to hit Esc, F5 to get the screen to load.

                      I've backed out of 10.1SP1 back to just 10.1. :(
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                        We seem to have solved our crashing problem.

                        On Friday, Esri Canada tech support walked me through (1) repairing my installation, and (2) resetting my profile.  I have not had a crash since.  My colleague did the same yesterday, and he has not had a crash since.

                        You may want to contact your own Esri tech support for full instructions for doing this, particularly as one step involves messing with your Windows Registry.  I do not claim to be any kind of expert in this, so use the steps outlined below with caution, and only if you know what you're doing.

                        REPAIR ARCGIS 10.1 INSTALLATION
                        - close all applications
                        - go to Add/Remove Programs
                        - go to ArcGIS 10.1 Desktop, select Change/Remove
                        - select Repair
                        - wait for completion
                        - do NOT start ArcMap when done

                        RESET USER PROFILE
                        - ensure ArcMap NOT open
                        - go to C:\Documents and Settings\snorth\Application Data\ESRI\
                        - rename this folder (e.g., to ESRI_old)
                        - go to System Registry (via Start - Run - regedit)
                        - go to HKEY CURRENT USER - Software - ESRI; rename ESRI (e.g., to ESRI_old)

                        So far, this has worked for the two problem installations in my office.

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                          I just wanted to follow up on my crashing problems.  The root was a recent Windows update to my 32bit Vista machine.  I did a restore from a few days prior and things have cleared up.
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                            Back to square one.  My ArcMap worked fine for four days, but has now started crashing in exactly the same way, again.  My colleague's ArcMap worked okay for a day, but has also started crashing again.

                            I've got Esri Canada tech support helping, again.  Will post here if we get any results.

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                              I'm experiencing a similar problem right now. Over the course of yesterday and today, ArcMap has slowed to a crawl and at the end of the day yesterday and all day today it just randomly crashes for no apparent reason. I've been using ArcScene and it doesn't seem to be affected. Does anyone know if this is an SP1 problem? If so I may have to move to another computer that hasn't had SP1 installed on it yet.
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                                hi all,
                                I've noticed another issue. Working with a file geodatabase on a network share, quite often, the data frame will not refresh when panning (Q).

                                The text down the bottom left will say "Cancelled" as though i've hit escape, but the globe down the right will keep spinning.

                                anyone else seen something similar?
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                                  I too am having this problem. At first I thought it was only when I was editing a shapefile or database but now it happens anytime for no apparent reason. The program just stops responding - sometimes I can close the window other times it shuts down itself and asks if I want to send details to ESRI and sometimes I have to close the application with task manager. I'm running ArcGIS desktop 10.1 sp1 on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
                                  This is very frustrating as I cannot seem to work more than 15 or 20 minutes without a crash.
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                                    Update from yesterday. I am still getting random crashes and many processes which normally happen instantly are taking 2-3 minutes or more to complete (for example, opening the Change Symbol dialogue with text elements in a layout). There are also certain map documents that seem more susceptible than others. I uninstalled SP1 and that hasn't solved the problem. I would also like to add that this is only affecting ArcMap (ArcScene and ArcCatalog seem to be working normally) and only on my computer (there is another computer in conference room with ArcMap 10.1 on it that seems to be unaffected). It is getting really frustrating and I would really like to know if there is a solution to this problem, or when we can expect a fix.
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