ArcGIS 10 Pre-Release: Visual Studio Express 2008 Integration Issues

Discussion created by sfadum on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by writter

I want to try building some new 'add-in' files for ArcGIS 10.

I have installed Visual Basic 2008 Express.  I have also installed the .NET SDK file.  When installing the SDK, I ensured that the Express Integration option was checked.

It appears that the install went well.  When I start a new project I am able to create an ArcMap Add-In.  I am also able to add any of the initial 'Add-In' types.  This is where things go a bit strange....

I am able to add additional components to my project from the ArcGIS Add-Ins Wizard (this includes, buttons, tools, combo boxes, multi-items, extensions, Editor Extensions and Dockable Windows).  When I try to add something from the Add-in Command Bars section in the wizard the only thing I am able to add is a toolbar.  If I try to add a tool pallete, menu or context menu I get an error message saying: "The following selected add-in type(s) cannot be generated due to invalid inputs and or unknown errors".

I am fairly new to developing in .NET so I may be doing somethig wrong here which is causing the error.  Has anyone else come across this issue?  Is this an installation / integration issue?  Is there a way to fix this?  Is there a specific order things need to be installed (ie. VSE 2008 before the SDK or vice versa)?

My other problem is that there is no ArcGIS Snippets available in my projects.  When I right click to insert a snippet of code, I do not get the "ArcGIS Snippet" option in the context menu.  Again is this an installation thing.

I was thinking that maybe it could be a Visual Studio Express thing.... do I need the full version of Visual Studio to get these options running properly?

Sorry for the long winded post.... It's been a long road to figure out how write usable code in VB Express that can be used in ArcGIS.... but the process is even more frustrating when not all the pieces are working properly.

Thanks for your time in advance,