Using ArcGIS for Windows Mobile with the Windows sensor/location API

Discussion created by tim.wroblewski on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by Akhor

A client has recently purchased a new Windows 8 Dell Latitude 10 tablet to use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile on.  Now I know that strictly speaking the official line is that ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is not supported on Windows 8 at present.  However, we have it up and running on another client's tablet also running Windows 8.  The difference between these two devices is the GPS configuration:-

  • The device we have it working on is using an external GPS plugged in via USB which is being connected to by ArcGIS for Windows Mobile using a virtual COM port.

  • The new tablet from Dell has a built in Broadcom GNSS location sensor with GPS capabilities.  However, it is configured to work with the OS via the Windows sensor/location (Not sure which one) API and as such, is not visible to the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile application which requires a COM port to connect to a GPS.

I guess I have two questions:-

  • Has anyone mangaged to get ArcGIS for Windows Mobile to connect to a GPS using the Windows sensor/location API?

  • If not, then does anyone know how to create a virtual COM port which relays the data from the built-in Broadcom GNSS location sensor via the Windows sensor/location API?

I really appreciate any time that people are able to put towards helping me out!  I'm a little but stuck!