Tree Inventory Data Collection help

Discussion created by laurablackburn on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by GWalters-esristaff
I have over 15,000 trees that need to be measured at least 3x a year.  I am trying to streamline data collection by using ArcPad to collect tree heights and health in the field. Basically, the map in the background of ArcPad is being used strickly to create new records in the Growth table, I don't need to use the GPS or really navigate in any other way.  I am hoping to create a user interface where a person selects a tree and enters the growth and health data into a related table.  I currently have a geodatabase set up with a tree feature class that has a (1:M) relationship (via treeID) to a table called growth with height data collected many times per year. 

I am trying to figure out how to create a form or applet in ArcPad Studio that will do the following:
1) Allow a user to select a tree
2) open a form with the selected tree's treeID and enter data into the status, height and comments fields of the "growth" table
3) move on to the next tree (treeID + 1)

I am new to ArcPad studio and a bit confused on whether to create an editform/tableform or an applet.  Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, as I have started tinkering with an axf file, but I am quickly becoming overwhemled