How do I make a very large geotiff map?

Discussion created by estavros on Apr 11, 2013
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I just found ArcGIS and I've connected it to the USA Imagery map, which has up to 30cm resolution when I zoom in close enough.  I am trying to make a large GeoTiff file that would be put into another program as a background and show some of our devices where they are actually located over the map background.  I can find the area I want to capture easily enough but to fit it all on the screen I need to be at 1:10,000 zoom.  I would like to export that at the high 30cm resolution which is closer to 1:1000.

How can I choose a large rectangle plot at 1:10,000 and export that at 10x the resolution to make a super large geotiff?  Right now it seems the best I can do is either get the lower resolution overall image or make a bunch of manual captures and try to somehow stitch them together.

Is there a way to accomplish this using ArcMap?