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    How do I make a very large geotiff map?


      I just found ArcGIS and I've connected it to the USA Imagery map, which has up to 30cm resolution when I zoom in close enough.  I am trying to make a large GeoTiff file that would be put into another program as a background and show some of our devices where they are actually located over the map background.  I can find the area I want to capture easily enough but to fit it all on the screen I need to be at 1:10,000 zoom.  I would like to export that at the high 30cm resolution which is closer to 1:1000.

      How can I choose a large rectangle plot at 1:10,000 and export that at 10x the resolution to make a super large geotiff?  Right now it seems the best I can do is either get the lower resolution overall image or make a bunch of manual captures and try to somehow stitch them together.

      Is there a way to accomplish this using ArcMap?
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          Assuming you are talking about downloading at native resolution an area of a map service to your local machine, yes, there are various ways this could be done using ArcGIS. The question that springs to mind is whether your license allows you to do so legally.
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            I think your best bet would be to zoom in to 1:1000, then expand the data frame in the layout to the size needed to capture your area at that zoom level. Adjust your paper size and layout as needed, and then export.
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              I actually tried making the data frame huge - 34x44.  The issue I ran into was the GeoTiff export doesn't work in layout view so the frame size seemed to be irrelevant.

              I am really not sure what my license is entitled to.  This is for some network diagrams I'm making of our own internal structure - I basically want to overlay our equipment on top of a zoomable satellite map.  I won't be publishing it or selling it, it will be used as a reference for a department of about 10 people internally.

              I did zoom to the closest cache level and it came out to 1:1,128.  When I scrape that out and export at that resolution it comes out to about 50 exports to cover the 2 square mile or so area I'm looking to capture.

              I was able to play around with the extents and get a bigger export from the layout view but it unfortunately couldn't add GeoTiff data into the picture - it would only give me the pixels and not the exact coordinates.