DIMP Risk Calculator

Discussion created by tdewitte-esristaff Employee on Jun 18, 2010
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The DIMP Risk Calculator Modelbuilder model was released to the user community on March 2010.  Many gas utilities are currently in the process of implementing this model and are interested in sharing knowledge on how to model risk for specific risk factors.   The Modelbuilder model itself is not intended to be a static example.  It is intended to be a starting point that can evolve based on feedback from the gas user community.  An updated version of the model is already in the process of being posted on the ESRI web site at: .  Additionally, this fall at the annual EGUG user conference in Dearborn, MI the first annual DIMP Risk Model user session will be held.  This will be an opportunity for risk modelers to meet and share methods for modeling risk with Modelbuilder.  Feedback from that session will be used to update the model yet again.

The purpose of this thread is to accomplish two primary objectives:

1) Provide a forum for sharing ideas for modeling DIMP risk factors and DIMP consequence factors with the greater ESRI gas utilitiy community. 

2) Provide a forum for submitting recommendations to improve and enhance the DIMP Risk Calculator model.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas and suggestions.

Tom DeWitte
ESRI - Utilities Team