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    Date Formats

      Hi..In planning and operations, it is a frequent requirement to use D-Day (start of operation), D+1, D+2 etc instead of actual date for perspective/ projected plans.  Is there any way that ArcGIS to support such reference dates esp for tracking analyst? Regards
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          Have you looked into running a model to update some flagging fields?

          I use to do something similar to flag events that occurred in the past 48hrs/7/14/21/30 days, etc.

          Also, if it's set in an mxd doc you should be able to write an SQL query, depending upon what format your data is stored in.

          Are you working with a shp file, spreadsheet or a feature class from a file geodatabase?

          Let me know and I can see if I can recreate some of the stuff I use to work with in the past.